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How long does it take to get my windows tinted?

- Most tint jobs take an average of 3 hours. In this time we clean the windows thoroughly, cut the film to the shape of the glass, mold the film to the shape of the glass, and then apply the film on the inside of the glass.

We clean the windows thoroughly, however not the entire car meaning the dirtier the exterior/interior may affect the final results of the installation.

What does the warranty cover?

- Any failure of the film including color change or fading, back window bubbling, delaminating, blurring, cracking or peeling.

* Although the film has a great scratch resistant coating / liner warranty does not cover inflicted damage such as pet scratches, seatbelt buckle wacking the glass, loading items into car and scratching film.

How long does it take to wrap my car?

- We are a small operating here at Wolf Wraps and between 1 sometimes 2 techs working on the vehicle. on an average the wrap can take 3 - 5 Days on most vehicles.

How long does it take to get PPF installed?

- Paint protection film has many different packages. Depending on what the customer goes with, it takes anywhere from 1+ days to apply and cure for customer to take delivery.

What is the warranty for the color wraps?

- Most manufacturers have an 8 - 10 year warranty on the films, however a general rule of thumb is to remove it before 5 years. The longer its on the harder it will be to remove in the future, if you are not thinking about having it on forever that is.

What is the warranty on the PPF?

8 year warranty against cracking, peeling or turning yellow.

Where can I see work you've done?

We are grateful that our customers keep us busy. With a team of 2 it can be hard to keep up sometimes, however we post most of our projects on our Instagram Page @wolf_wraps

*** We are the original Wolf Wraps and have 1 location in San Diego located in the Kearny Mesa area. Not to be confused with anyone else.